Evo Sporty Hardtailing & Service Work

Our entry level service pricing is below, please review to determine the scope of your build and budget. Many of the line items beneath are our standard (tried-and-true) products. Alternative parts, options, and prices are available. Reach out to tell us about the project and we would be happy to provide you with a tailor made estimate for your bike.


Lowbrow Hardtail $450.00
Install $400.00
Oil Tank
Lowbrow Horseshoe Oil Tank $330.00
Additional Mounts & Brackets $35
Tank Mounting $50.00
Rear Wheel *Disk Brakes Only
Rear Brake Kit $150.00
Caliper $240.00
Axle Kit $125.00
Installation: Spacing with brake set up and weld-on tab $375.00
Rear Fender
Throttle Addiction 5.5" Smooth Rear Fender $140.00
Fender Mount Kit $125.00
Sissy Bar: Classic 17" $300.00
Mounting: Fender, Kit, & Sissy Bar $250.00
Bracket Removal & Frame Shaping $125.00 (per hour)


Additional Costs/Notes:

  • Our jig will show us any issues with your frame. Typical issues include bent tubing, engine & transmission mounts askew. We will also be able to see if the rake has been altered and by how much.
  • Shop rate for additional work outside the normal scope of work for Hardtail alterations is $125 per hour. Customers will be billed in ¼ hour increments for any additional work. It is at the discretion of Krispy Co. to fix unforeseen issues with customer frames totaling up to 2 hours ($250). Customers will be contacted for approval of any issues and/or additional work that will exceed 2 hours.
  • When we hardtail your frame, we fit up and shape it out to our standards. No exceptions or substitutions here, we will not take this work off the invoice for an overall discount on the price. This is limited to where the hardtail and existing frame meet. Extra tab removal and frame shaping is $125/hr and explained in the bullet point above.
  • We do offer installation of other manufacturers hardtails and service work to non-HD chassis, however this pricing varies so we will need to discuss the project in detail and put together a quote for pricing.
  • Shipping: We will provide you with frame shipping tips and tricks, and facilitate shipping by providing rates/quotes on an individual basis (we do get reduced rates through UPS & USPS). Due to changing rates the shipping total will be added to the final price.
  • All service work has a 3 week lead time, starting the day the frame arrives at the shop. If the deposit has not been sent prior to the frame's arrival, the lead time does not start until that has been received.


Customer Check List: *provided to Krispy prior to shipment

  • 360° photos of the frame sent to sam@krispychoppers.com
  • Point out abnormalities with the frame. Include detailed photos and written description.
  • Frames must be thoroughly cleaned before shipping. Shop cleaning fee is $100, so you should break out the simple green and rags before handing off to us.
  • Signed estimate emailed to sam@krispychoppers.com 
  • 50% Deposit must be paid before any work starts.

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